MES/ MV2 have a system-wide inactivity timeout of sixty minutes. If the user does not press any button for sixty minutes the system logs them out.

The timeout duration can be adjusted, but this must be configured directly on the IIS server of the MES server. 

  1. Locate and open the MV2 Configuration Tool on the MES server by searching for MV2 Configuration tool. (Shown in MES version 5.4; For older versions also look under Paper-Less Manufacturing Execution and location may vary slightly between versions)
  2. Ignore initial error message upon launching MV2 Configuration tool (Microsoft .NET Framework Unhandled exception has occurred...)
  3. Select the appropriate IIS Website for the corresponding MES application (i.e. PaperLess).
  4. Input the number of minutes that you want to use for the timeout period. 
  5. Continue through the Configuration Tool window (Next, Configure Complete, Validate Credentials, Next...) to the final screen and click finish. Then, click restart wizard to verify that Timeout Duration was saved. 

Note: Changing settings carelessly within the MV2 Configuration Tool can result in errors - exercise caution. 
Screenshots are shown for MES version 5.4.15 steps, menus, and locations may vary slightly between versions.