The portal loads incorrectly on certain internet browsers which results in incorrect colors and obscured tabs/menus.


Temporary Fix: Perform a Hard Refresh by opening the page which loaded incorrectly and press   Ctrl + F5


Semi-Permanent Fix:  Set the IIS Application's Common Http Response Headers to Automatically Expire Web content (see instructions/images below). This will automatically clear browser cookies for the application, which will prevent the loading issues until the issue is fixed in the software. 

1. Launch Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager on machine where MES is installed.

2. Double-click Default Web Site or the specific environment name for the site you wish to fix i.e PaperLess5412            (listed below Default Web Site).

3. Double-click HTTP Response Headers icon.

4. Click Set Common Headers...

5. Check Expire Web content: box and set expiration interval i.e. immediately or 1 day