MDCC clients appear to be losing communication with the iSeries server when iSeries is remote from MDCC application connected through VPN. 

Example:  When a worker walks up to a terminal and MDCC has been left open, clicking Job On (for example) generates a "Database Operation Error" message.  If the worker exits out of MDCC and re-launches, it works fine. 

Resolution - 

Adjust the Idle Timeout of the group policy for site-to-site VPN connection with iSeries hosting provider from 30 minutes to Unlimited. 

Other Related Issues -

Causes license keys to be used up since the jobs are not ended correctly on the iSeries.  "Grace period expired. Requested user not added." messages will be shown.  This requires a IPL of the iSeries to release the keys consumed by these jobs if the MDCC or ATM call to the IBM API that releases license keys that do not have active job does not function correctly.