ATM allows transaction maintenance to be tracked.  However, in the initial install the table for transaction maintenance settings is empty and can't be populated if Location Authority is turned off.    

To remedy this, you must temporarily turn Location Authority on in ATM. 

  • Enable location authority. (Exit ATM after changing the TAIL Table setting for Location Authority to Y)
  • Log back into ATM and give your profile access to all locations that show. 
  • Go into the Transaction Type setting for the location that you enabled your profile for and select the application.(C,I,J,Q)  
  • The transaction types should show up.
  • Edit any one of them and save.  This populates the Table with records.  Note: you can turn the log changes and comments for the transaction back off if needed.
  • Repeat the previous step for each location that you have defined in ATM.
  • Then go ahead and turn location authority #13 to "N"/off in the TAIL table, exit ATM, and re-start the application.  You will have access to all of the transaction types.