MES Mobile Transactions can create a Physical Inventory transaction for XA.  MES writes the PH transaction data as well as all the other transaction data to XA PMC/TRDATA.  

To fully process these transactions through XA, the XA uJobs must be running and the XA Select, Edit and Prepare process must be run on the transactions.  Additional XA processing must occur through IM to complete the inventory updates.  

PM&C will collect PH transactions sent through data collection. After the transactions are collected, you should run select and edit for the physical inventory transactions. After a review of the transaction edit list, you should run prepare transactions. During the prepare, a physical inventory offline load batch is created and put in a suspend status in IM. The difference quantity is calculated during the prepare. You can make additional changes to transactions in the physical inventory batch in IM.  When you want to post you would close physical inventory batch, run the variance report, and then run the physical inventory update all from the physical inventory menu in Inventory Management.
Of course, no one can have a lock on the item warehouse records that you are updating, at the time.

Once the XA processing and procedures have been completed, the XA inventory should reflect the inventory adjustment.  The change to the XA inventory data should be reflected in the MES inventory as soon as the MES mini-sync has completed.


Example of the MES Mobile Application PH Transaction Screen shown below -