If you have a problem with Select and Edit results in ATM the following information is what is needed to help troubleshoot the issue. Without this information it is almost impossible to troubleshoot the problem as all the settings interact with one another and can affect the results.  
  • Employee Extension - all tabs
  • Subset configuration along with cutoff date and time
  • Employee Calendar for the date in question 
  • Schedule information (TA, JOB, Rounding, MISC are minimum needed) for the date in question and if there is an overlap of the times for schedules on the day prior or after the date in question we need the same for those schedules.  
  • Select and edit results for the shift date in question showing all the transactions with the actual and adjusted times.  
  • If Absences are involved, we need to see the absence configuration and need to know TAIL table settings.  
  • Additional information may be needed depending upon the problem and the above information, but the info above is the minimum needed to accurately answer any questions with select and edit.