If you are having problems with the MES Mini-sync and you have already checked to make sure the MES subsystem is installed and running properly, there may be something wrong with Journaling or the XA configuration of the journaling on your iSeries.  

Either run Maintain Journal Options from the Journal Management under CAS in XA or query the file AMFLIBy/JRNOPT file to get the current settings. 

  • XA Cross Application Support is the easiest method.  The settings should be as follows:

  • The settings must be as follows :
  • If you make any changes to the journal settings above you must stop and then restart XA Journaling

If the above is correct, check to make sure the XA files are being journaled correctly - 

  • On an iSeries command line execute the following command:
  • PMI001 -> Press F4 to prompt and enter information as described below-

  • Ensure all files listed are in the AMFLIB/MPXJRN and are being journaled - 

Contact support and send screen shot of your configuration if any of the above settings are not correct.

If the above settings are correct and the Journaling has been stopped and restarted through CAS, then check to make sure the journal reciever entries.  The follolwing is an example for a Mapics Environment named B8 and the MOMAST file:


If your Journal Entries do not have both UP and UB Type records for changes made to the XA data as shown above, there is a problem with XA journaling configuration or IBM journaling, please contact Infor XA and or IBM to correct the journal.  

Paper-Less applications do not and can not change how the XA journaling inserts records into the journal as this is controlled by Infor XA and IBM journaling.  

This solution pertains only to Mini-sync issues, not MES full sync.