Host Link Invalid Error message when logging into MDCC or ATM generally indicates the PC/IBM client access was not able to find the iSeries on the network specified in the connection string. 

There are a few different reasons you may get this error, but this is not a Paper-Less error.

The following are possible solutions to the issue - 

  • Client access cant find the iSeries on the network because the host name server is not configured correctly or is pointing to an incorrect iSeries.  Try using the IP address of the iSeries instead of the host name/iSeries Name.  
  • Delete the odbc connections on each pc for MDCC Powerbuilder and then restart the applications. (Use the ODBCAD32.EXE program in the PLMCQRMS folder to view and remove the ODBC connections.) This should re-create the connections. However, make sure if you are connecting by specifying the IP address that it is using the correct IP address of the iSeries.  It is possible the user profile used to sign into the PC does not have sufficient authority as well.  Use a Network admin user to sign into the PC or ensure the user has full read/write authority on the PC.  
  • Temporarily turn off all forms of virus protection to ensure they are no interfering with the communications to the iSeries.     
  • PLMC.INI and Database.ini in the plmcqrms folder on each pc contain the connection information used to create the odbc’s. Make sure the connections are pointed to the correct iSeries name and/or IP address and then re-create the odbc connections.
  • Also make sure Client access on each PC is up to date and at the same service pack level as client access on the iSeries.
  • Finally the SQLPKG file on the iSeries may be corrupt. Find PLMCQRMFBA and or QZDAPKG SQL Package files and delete them. (You will not be able to delete them if there are any locks on them, end all client sessions for every that connects via client access to get rid of the locks on the files).