There are documents on a network server(\\dev-server, in this example) that you wish to be accessible to MES Shop Packets.

From within the IIS Manager of the MES Application Server, Add a Virtual Directory under the MES application (PaperLess, in this example)

Provide an Alias and the full UNC file path to the desired folder.   Then press Connect as..

Chose Specific User, and press Set.

Enter the Windows (Network) credentials of a user who has access to the folder.  (It's best to use a user who's password will not change or expire).

Confirm the entered credentials by using the Test Settings button..

Highlight / select the new virtual directory (which should have appeared) and select Directory Browsing.

Click Enable to be able to test browse the location.

The files should now be accessbile to the MES Application via HTTP.  Use this path in the Shop Packet definintion.