If you receive the message "This site is currently Unavailable Please check back later" when trying to log into MES, the database connection string for the portal has somehow become un-encrypted.  The portal uses a 3rd party application (DotNetNuke) and the database connection string cannot be un-encrypted.  


  • Log in as Admin on the MES web server
  • Start the Virtual Directory tool as Administrator


  • Select "Default Website" in step 1 on the following screen.  In step 2, select the Virtual Directory for the MES Portal where the error is occurring.  A change must be made to the screen to allow it to be resaved.  Easiest and safest change is to increase the Inactivity Timeout by 1 minute (120 to 121).  Then press Save which will save the change and re-encrypt the connection string. You can change the timeout back to 120 and save again if you wish to set it back, but it is not necessary.  


  • The virtual portal directory tool copies the Database Connection String from the standard web site to the Portal when you change any data and click save.