Paper-Less Solutions


This bulletin is to communicate the support plan and future direction for Paper-Less’ iSeries based customers.  Specific issues that are not addressed in this document can be resolved by contacting the Help Desk.   

Paper-Less iSeries solutions (MDCC, ThIn-Ventory, ATM, PBLSi) will continue to be supported in the foreseeable future but some of the expanded functionality and features now available in XA Release 9 (R9) will not be supported features in all Paper-Less products.

For example, prior to XA R9 EPDM had the ability to respect site, revision and manufacturing process but other modules of XA were limited and did not generally respect this data.  These same XA limitations were replicated within Paper-Less’ iSeries solutions.  With this common limitation, Paper-Less products were compatible with XA and EPDM.  

No new issues should be encountered with Paper-Less iSeries solutions as you deploy future XA releases if you continue to structure your XA data as you have in the past.  The “compatibility” of our products will continue under the same restricted data model going forward. 

However with XA R9, Infor has expanded the reach of the EPDM data model and taking advantage of certain aspects of this expansion may disrupt the compatibility of Paper-Less and XA.  Below is a representative, but not all inclusive, list of the type of issues that may become a problem.  Customers intending to take advantage of the expanded XA R9 features should thoroughly test their changes to ensure the intended result.  In the cases where the desired result cannot be attained, customers may want to consider a migration to the new Microsoft based Paper-Less MES product.  This migration has implications which are explained in another document about transitioning to the new Paper-Less MES product.  This document can be obtained from the Paper-Less Help Desk or by contacting your
Paper-Less or XA sales resource.      

MDCC & ThinAppS / ThinVentory

1.  Work Center identifiers must be unique across different EPDM sites.

2.  An Item Number that exists in more than one site must have the following characteristics set the same in all sites and revisions.

Batch/Lot Control

Inspect Upon Receipt

QC Control

Shelf life in conjunction with the global FIFO Control.

Item Type

Inventory Type

Item Description

All items must be released to PDM with the sync box selected.  This step creates the item master files used by XA prior to R9 and that will continue to be used by MDCC.

The global tailoring setting in XA to either always allowing or never allowing locations to go negative will continue to be supported.

The Powerbuilder client must be deployed to allow access to all current functions.  The green screen RF menu functions and some other green screen function will continue to be supported.


Will function with R9 after completion of development work currently underway.


Will function with R9 after completion of development work currently underway.

As always, customers will need to apply product updates as they are made available.

Paper-Less MDCC customers have trade-in options for Paper-Less MES which is the follow on product to MDCC. Paper-Less MES will also have some of the ThinVentory and PBLSi capabilities.  MES will respect the site and revision data model of EPDM and offers other enhancements as well. 

Further information about Paper-Less MES can be obtained through your Infor ERP sales resource.