ATM Calendar Summary

Calendars have schedules assigned to each work day throughout the calendars Effective date range.  Employees that work this date and time schedule are attached to the calendar and are effective on the calendar based on the effective date range set for the employee.  Employee calendars are extrapolated from the main calendars.  

ATM calendars contain very useful/needed information.  The screen shot below highlights all of the information available.

Some of the most important pieces of information are as follows:

  • Effective date range - calendars can be extended out to later dates.  Right click anywhere on the calendar and select update options>default calendar header/detail update.  Change and save the End Date.  
  • Schedule applied to each day throughout the year
  • Holiday indication (*) will be displayed in the upper left corner of each shift date that has a holiday applied to it.(only if you are tailored to use absence leave)
  • Employees assigned to calendar and their effective dates on the calendar

Clicking the Employee's button will show which employees are assigned to the calendar and their effective dates on the calendar. 

Double click on an employee to display the employee calendar.  Employee calendars look almost identical to the base calendar, however, they are specific to the employee.  Schedules shown on the employee calendar that are not part of the base calendar are employee overrides entered into the system. Emploiyee schedule over-rides allow a different schedule to be applied to specific employees on specific dates or date ranges.  This is useful if an employee or several employees are required to work on a normally non-scheduled work day (Saturday), but not everyone is required to work.  Override only the employees that will be working to non-scheduled date.  

Additionally Absences can be entered for the employee directly from the Employee Calendar.  

If all employees attached to a calendar are required to work on an unscheduled day, the main calendar can be updated using the Detail Update option.