If you experience errors at anytime in Paper-Less, most likely information our support and development team need to know to resolve the issue may be saved in the error log files.

The error logs can be found on the Paper-Less web server under "\inetpub\wwwroot\Paperless\" (or whichever environment you are currently using).  Please zip up ALL the log files and send them technical.support@PaperLessLLC.com along with a detailed explanation of what was happening or what the user was doing in MES when the error was generated.  

Please include the following:

  • ERP_TransactionLog.*
  • MES.Paperless.OAGIS.Logging.*
  • MES.Paperless.OAGIS.Logging.MessageContent.*
  • Paperless.MES.Logging.*
  • Paperless.MES.Logging.Unhandled.*  (most important for this type of error)

If MES is integrated with your SMTP server, you can also use the [Email MES Log Files] link from the Log Viewer