There are several important settings that control how other WIP functions react when a workcenter is in a down status.  

The settings are found in Work with Application Administration >Production > WIP > Settings > General > Downtime Settings

  • Allow Labor During DownTime - Job Start and Stop Continue to function is labor is allowed. If labor is not allowed user is forced to job everyone off the orders they are on before workcenter can go into a down status
  • Show Downtime Icon
  • Show Downtime Duration
  • Configure Downtime Reasons
  • Allow additional comments to be entered

Sequencing Downtime Reason Codes - 

Down Time Reasons are stored as Text only.  There is no specific configuration setting that can be used to change the sort order.  However, adding a numeric Value to the code can be used to change the sort sequence.  

Note: Since this is a text only sort, the text values 1, 10, 11, etc... are actually lower in the sort than 2, 21, 22, etc...

Sort Example:

The codes "no material" and "broken tool" would normally sequence with "broken tool" and then "no material" on the WIP downtime selection page.

Add a numeric value to the beginning of the code name to change the sort sequence or bring the most important codes to the top of the list.  


"1 no material" and "2 broken tool"

Note: The above example would only allow 10 codes to be sequenced (0-9).  Using 1A through 1Z characters as prefixes to the codes would allow up to 26 codes to be sequenced in order.