New Orders Created in the XA ERP are not showing up in MES


The first thing to look for when data is not being synced into MES is to ensure the MESxy subsystem is running on the iSeries.  The following checks should be done using a Green Screen 5250 iSeries session logged in as QSECOFR.  

Check if MES subsystem is running - 

WRKACTJOB SBS(MESxy) - replace xy with the two character XA environment designation

The following result indicates the subsystem is running correctly:

Subsystem/Job   User         Type  CPU %   Function         Status
MESBR           QSYS         SBS      .0                  DEQW 
  STRJRNMON     RREITH     ASJ      .0                    EVTW


If the result is No Active Jobs to display, then the subsystem is not running and needs to be started.

Start MES subsystem - 



If the subsystem has an error status you may try ending it and restarting  -

End MES subsystem - 



If everything is running properly and the data is still not being synced into MES, refer to KB Article "Starting the Mini-Sync on the MES Web Server" or "Trouble Shooting Bulk Load Errors"