Performing Maintenance on the ERP system is required from time to time.  This usually entails stopping MV2/MES from sending transactions to the ERP system.  

This can be accomplished in MES a couple of different ways:  

  • Disable the user profile being used to access the ERP database.  Make sure that this User profile is NOT used for anything else before performing this step.  It would be possible to schedule the disable and re-enable of this profile.



  • Blank out the user profile and/or password in the OAGIS Provider connection information.
Important Note:  This will reset the MES web server and should only be performed if there are no users in the middle of a transaction as there could be data loss.  


If you have MV2/MES Version 4.9 or later, System Admin > ERP Configuration allows you to stop the transactions by un-checking the "Process OAGIS Messages sent to Provider".