Stop Sync Button in MES will not stop the full sync process


Use the OAGIS Provider Web Service - See attached PDF


  1. Sometimes the Stop Sync button will not stop the full sync process.

  2. Ensure that the MiniSync is turned off by stopping the PaperLess.OAGIS.Synchronizer service (aka Mini-Sync). 

  3. On the MES server navigate to http://SERVERNAME/Paperless/webservices/OAGISProviderWebService.asmx.
    Click on CancelSynchronization link.

  4. Press the Invoke button several times.

  5. Synchronization has been cancelled when the Synchronization Status is at Unknown.

  6. Re-enable the MiniSync by starting the PaperLess.OAGIS.Synchronizer service (aka Mini-Sync).