If you receive an error message of any kind from the monitor job please see possible resolution listed below.  Most common error is CPF3303.  

Error Message - 

CPF3303 received by DC901C at 7700. (C D I R)

Cause . . . . . : Control language (CL) program DC901C in library PPLBPRVV
detected an error at statement number 7700. Message text for CPF3303 is:
File DC905P missing in the job 792954/AMAPICS/DC902VV.
Recovery . . . : This inquiry message can be avoided by changing the
program. Monitor for the error (MONMSG command) and perform error recovery
within the program. To continue, choose a reply value. 


From an iSeries command line:


2.  Delete any spool files that are not in an FIN status.

3.  You may just want to delete all of the spool files for the job

4.  Try starting the monitor job again

If this doesn't work you may have to try deleting the job from the system using the following procedure


2.  Take #2 to Change Job number 792954 or DC902VV   

3.  Change Spool File Action = *DETACH

4.  The job should now be off of the system and the Monitor job will start correctly.