2020 Pandemic Help

As we navigate through the new normal brought on by this pandemic, ISE and Paper-Less would like to offer assistance to our customers to help provide a safer work environment. While we can’t remove the threat of infection completely, the following suggestions will help reduce the amount of physical touch/interaction your employees will have with your shop floor terminals.

· Use touchscreens on the shop floor and provide each employee with a stylus to interact with MES

· Deploy proximity readers on the shop floor

o Proximity readers can ship with pre-configured cards – each card with a unique ID. By enabling the Alternate ID functionality within MES you can efficiently configure and deploy proximity readers.

o Especially helpful if utilizing the Paper-Less Time and Attendance feature

· Replace shop floor terminals using a mouse and keyboard with tablets

o Not only do tablets support stylus input devices, but they are easier to wipe down and keep clean

· Configure work crews in MES and use the crew functionality for shop floor reporting

o Assign “crew leads” responsible for generating shop floor transactions rather than individual users

· Enable the auto clock-in feature to automatically generate a T/A transaction when a user starts labor

o Eliminates the need for users to T/A IN, however the T/A transaction would need to be adjusted as it would match the time labor was started

Whether you need one of our consultants to assist deploying a suggestion above or want to discuss a more automated approach to match your manufacturing environment, we’re here to help. Contact the Help Desk at 888.473.0800 or Help.Desk@Paperlessllc.com for more information.

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